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I am Margaret Woodward, M.S., P.T., C.S.T.


I have been a practicing physical therapist since earning my  Master’s Degree in 1994 from  the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, when it was still on 9th Ave. in Denver. I have dedicated my career to addressing pain and dysfunction while supporting the body as a whole.  My Bachelor's Degree in psychology supports my passion for treating the mind-body connection in injury and healing. 


Over the years, I have treated orthopedics and pelvic floor conditions. My orthopedic experiences centered on treating injuries to the head/brain, neck, back, pelvis, and hips. These areas are complicated due to the significant role the nervous system has on each of them, and on each other.  A knee is often just treated as a knee, not a part of the hips, feet, and back that all work in an intimate relationship with it.  Based on this understanding, I developed a comprehensive evaluation to locate and treat other areas impacted by injury to encourage full body healing.   My pelvic floor dysfunction work started in 2001, when I started work in a clinic that specialized only in pelvic floor dysfunctions and disorders.  As one of the pioneers in the Denver area working with these complicated dysfunctions, I have learned that the best way to approach this area is with a team of providers, and with a "systems" approach - applying different techniques from all the  body's  systems, and to not treat it solely as a musculoskeletal problem, which it is certainly not.


Over time, I came to appreciate that every body reacts differently to injury and has different needs to heal "well".  People who needed more help than just "traditional" physical therapy started to find me. These patients kept telling me that they "failed" therapy,  they "graduated therapy too soon",  "insurance cut me off",  "they said it's all in my mind", or "there's nothing I can do for you".  I learned that my training and experience had led me to treat those who both need "traditional" physical therapy, and those who have "failed" physical therapy in the past.


I am  known for my detailed and comprehensive  evaluations that shine light on the causes of pain and for my compassionate approach to addressing these problems.


My manual skills range from traditional physical therapy techniques to the gentle pressure of  Upledger's craniosacral therapy, visceral mobilization, and neuromeningeal mobilization techniques to enable me to treat the body as a whole.  


My Mission

To help every body support its own systems naturally,

to decrease pain, increase function and create  overall wellness and balance.   





How Do I Do This?

By developing a personalized plan of care for women, men, and families that starts by identifying and evaluating the roots of the problems, then treating using a variety of techniques and education to help you reach your goals.

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