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Clinically, those with long-hauler syndrome often complain of a myriad of symptoms, which have them searching out many distinct medical disciplines for help. Patients are treated by cardiologists, pulmonologist, neurologists, acupuncturists, chiropractors,  in addition to their primary care provider.

Treating Long COVID has its challenges. As a physical therapist, I work with tissues and their systems, as a part of the whole body system. Addressing the body as a whole as it struggles with Long COVID makes sense to me in light of our knowledge that COVID caused huge amounts of inflammation, which over time, will result in adhesions and scar tissue development wherever the fluid sticks.    I have identified  brain/head,  fascial, and lung/organ restrictions in my long-COVID patients.  All of these patients have  responded positively to manual techniques that address these restrictions and be relieved of their fatigue, brain fog, and breathing issues.  


In my experience, it seems that a combination of medical treatments to pharmaceutically manage symptoms and manual therapies to improve brain/organ/fascial tissue mobility is yielding very positive results. 

I Can Help.


We know much more about COVID than we did 2 years ago.


Among other problems it causes, we know that COVID creates a large amount of inflammation and edema, resulting in the COVID cough. What isn't as well known by patients is that edema changes its density over time. Initially, it is liquid, similar to water or blood.  Over time, when it stays in place, it becomes stickier. Think about Jell-o: when we are making it, it is a liquid, but when you lift the spoon out, you will see spots or sticky Jell-o on it. The stickiness of edema from COVID is similar in this way that it seems to surfaces in your body. 


The COVID patients I have treated have had breathing problems and migraines.  Each of the patients had negative medical tests, leaving the patient feeling that the doctors were grasping at anything to try to help, from medications, to oxygen, to injections.

What I have found is there appears to be adhesions around the organs, most likely caused by the edema thickening and sticking to nearby structures. 


In my clients, it appears that the outside of the lungs had adhered to the ribs, and the tissue layers around the brain stuck together, limiting fluid flow around the brain itself. 

I treat the adhesions manually with craniosacral therapy techniques (along with similar techniques). This appears to loosen these adhesions with seemingly good success. 


If you have long-COVID symptoms, and negative medical tests and are getting no where with medical interventions, it may be that the problems are not medical in nature but reside in the musculoskeletal system. 


Contact me about your experiences with long-COVID to see if I can help you overcome musculoskeletal adhesions.


You may be only a phone call away from feeling better!

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